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What is Hypno-Meditation

Hypno-meditation is a powerful combination of hypnosis and meditation which deeply rejuvenates the body and relaxes the mind. It is a natural resource state of being. Hypnosis and meditation are two sides of the same coin, but the difference is hypnosis has an end goal whereas meditation is where ‘being’ is the goal. The studies prove that meditation is so much more than a spiritual practice and has amazing health benefits associated with it. With hypo meditation, we are going one step further to harness the power of the unconscious mind to create a balanced internal state of being, but also utilising its power to bring the change you want into your life which is the goal.

What is it good for?

We live in a fast-moving world, work is demanding where we have blurred boundaries between work and home life, our home life environment can be demanding, constantly on the go with children, after school activities, etc. Then mixed with conditioning, life experiences, disappointments, and everyday challenges; the Stress response which is the fight, flight, or freeze, is overwhelmed and tips us into a constant stress state which is very unhealthy and where we feel immobilised and stuck. As a therapist, I deal with burnout, stress, and anxiety constantly and I help people to calm the nervous system and restore balance, to resolve internal conflicts, and use skills/tools they learn to help navigate life stresses and keep that inner balance. Hypnomeditation is a powerful way of doing all this in a group setting. It is a therapy in itself and is so beneficial using the combination of both modalities of hypnosis and meditation that have been used for centuries to restore, replenish, rejuvenate and achieve.

Benefits of Hypno-meditation

Hypno- meditation is for anyone needing to strengthen their inner resilience with all the modern-day external and environmental pressures. It also

  • Helps recovery from burnout, reduces stress and anxiety

  • Helps to work through unconscious blocks or feeling stuck

  • Works to restore our authentic self and natural way of being

  • Helps to break negative unhealthy habits and promote positive change

  • Improves concentration, memory, and creative focus to problem-solving

  • Improves sleep which is vital to health and wellbeing

  • Deepens spiritual practice, connection to you to your own inner wisdom, higher power, and divine masters.

  • Helps promote a positive mindset

  • Increases energy and promotes wellbeing

  • Using your imagination as a powerhouse to achieving your goals

  • Building your confidence, self-esteem, focus, and inner resourcefulness.


The Hypnomeditation sessions begin with a gentle warm-up, using breathing techniques, followed by a journey into yoga Nidra to relax the body and bring awareness inside. Yoga Nidra is believed to

be the original hypnosis which is thousands of years old and based on ancient tantric texts. Once in this deeply relaxed state, we use guided imagery-led meditation to access those powerful inner resources. Every week you will learn to use this natural state and will help you to become more aware of the workings of your own mind, the power of your imagination, and how this will help you in your life, becoming aware of your thoughts, how to control your thinking, awareness of emotions, and sensations, where you can explore and discover the real you, tapping into your spiritual self, learning to be present, tapping into your creative mind, changing unwanted patterns and behaviors, promoting positive change which is long-lasting and beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Learning how to make better choices in your life, and will reduce your anxiety and stress levels, aid in healing your mind and body, bringing more meaning to your life.

I invite you to join me in the Autumn Hypnmediation sessions that begin on 22nd September 2022 from 7:45-9 pm in Flourish Yoga Centre, Market point Mullingar. DM or call 085-8779480 to book. Pre-booking essential.

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