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Louise Lonergan, Dublin.

I have known Deirdre for many years now and I always look forward to our sessions. Deirdre is very professional and yet so kind and gentle that you really feel very safe and minded.

Deirdre has helped me many times and she is such a joy. I always feel so much better after meeting her. I have introduced a few people to Deirdre and they all agree she is a very special person who we are very lucky to have available to us. I can not recommend Deirdre enough.

She truly has a wonderful gift and many talents and I look forward to visiting her soon again.

Deirdre guided my first steps to coming home to my true self

March 2023

I met Deirdre during a period of my life when loads of problems were showing up at my front door and I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with those complicated situations. My only familiar strategies were either avoiding the problems or getting lost in fear and helplessness. Deirdre held the compass I needed to navigate through that maze. With her professionalism and her compassionate and caring nature, she helped me break the complexity of my issues down in pieces and tackle them one by one. She equipped me with valuable tools for life, that enable me to switch the focus from my emotional reactions to problems, to what I really have to do about those problems.

Furthermore, Deirdre supported me in embarking on a journey of self-discovery and she was always there for me when I stumbled or doubted myself. I cannot recommend Deirdre highly enough.


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