Astonomical Clock

"I would whole heartedly recommend Deirdre. I found myself in lockdown and in some ways spiralling. Eating to much, drinking to much and just feeling like i was at a road block. Unable to motivate myself. Along with this not being able to keep busy or accept myself as i normally would, i was facing issues that i had long thought dead and buried. Using hypnotherapy provided me a safe and secure way to untangle what i was feeling, why i was feeling it and how to deal with it and finally begin planing to move forward. 

The sessions provided me with coping techniques and whilst sometimes it was hard work, i feel that i have finally resolved some deep rooted issues and have a greater understand of why i do what i was doing. There were lots of light bulb moments during the sessions. Mentally and physically i feel refreshed and lighter after the process. I would recommend this service to anyone."

- Elise February 2021

Christmas Star

"I have known Deirdre for many years now and I always look forward to our sessions. Deirdre is very professional and yet so kind and gentle that you really feel very safe and minded. Deirdre has helped me many times and she is such a joy. I always feel so much better after meeting her. I have introduced a few people to Deirdre and they all agree she is a very special person who we are very lucky to have available to us. I can not recommend Deirdre enough. She truly has a wonderful gift and many talents and I look forward to visiting her soon again."

- Louise Lonergan, Dublin


Denise Greene, Dubliin

Deirdre is a wonderful caring and understanding person. Warmth radiates from her. I was lucky to work with her because she has a natural ability to break down thoughts and help you understand patterns that can change your life. She is so skilled in what she does and her background as a Reiki Master and Yoga only adds to what she does as a Hypno/Psychotherapist.

I have had many an experience over the last 15 years with different therapies, and I can honestly state, that Deirdre ranks amongst the highest that I have ever met. With her diverse experience, one can only get a clearer understanding of themselves, how the mind/body work in unison which is pivotal in the journey of happiness, emotionally and physically.

I am so happy to have met Deirdre and would highly recommend her as a therapist to anybody.

Eddie Doyle

An excellent Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I learned a great deal about myself through the experience. Thank you again, Deirdre.


Vijeta Khemun

Aug 2021

Deirdra Brady has a great personality, soft, kind hearted, she is well passionate in her job. I enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions with her and it certainly made a change into my life.

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